The Raid world championship is a long distance non-stop race lasting between 5 to 7 days and nights. The distance covered is often in excess of 200km The teams in which not all members complete the part of the race in cut off time are eliminated. The final results are then ranked by total distance covered by each time, team that covers longest distance wins or shortest time. All teams participate in the ranking. Race features various disciplines depending on the terrain present in the given course, the course changes each year, but kayaking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, hydro speed, inline skating, cross orienteering, mountain climbing, caving, snow shoeing and skiing are the most popular disciplines encountered. The x adventure race consists of up to 50 teams from different countries in the world, each team has 4 racers and 1 assistant, teams are usually mixed, at least one man and women per team. Racers are always on the course, assistant is not. Best team from each zone (geographic region) qualifies for the semi-finals. If you are into sking, check out the Clear Fork ski area, featuring great skiing experience for both amateurs and professional adventure seekers.