ICE paid Loeffler a $9 million bond just before he entered the Senate


The New York Times‘ recent analysis of the financial statements showed that Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler received a substantial sum after she left her post as Bakkt’s chief executive officer.

ICE gave Loeffler an estimated $9 million in financial assets and „other rewards,“ the New York Times said in a recent report. According to the figures, not including her base salary, Loeffler received $12.5 million in total last year in rewards and bonuses.

U.S. Senator Loeffler Under Fire For Improper Trade After Coronavirus Hearing

„Kelly left behind millions in capital compensation to serve in public office to protect freedom, conservative values and economic opportunity for all Georgians,“ a Loeffler spokesman said in response to Cointelegraph’s request for comment, adding, „I’m not sure how to do that:

„She brings unparalleled business expertise to help solve our nation’s challenges found last summer / directed acyclic graph / digital identity systems / to 250 members / started its token migration at a time when we need to rebuild our economy and restore jobs. The obsession of the liberal media and career politicians with her success shows their prejudice against private sector opportunity in favor of big government.

The controversial plot around Loeffler continues to grow

Loeffler left his post as Bakkt’s CEO at the end of 2019, jumping into the political arena as one of Georgia’s senators. An influential person in the industry, Cointelegraph ranked Loeffler third on its list of the 100 most influential people in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Bakkt’s former CEO will sell all his shares after insider trading accusations
Loeffler was attacked in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic when she reportedly sold her important stock positions after a private government meeting during the early stages of the virus outbreak. Loeffler quin’s husband also is the CEO of ICE, adding more questions to the situation.

The Senator’s documents have come to light

After an extension of several months, the former CEO of Bakkt submitted her financial statements in early May, providing additional details. The documents revealed millions of dollars in Loeffler’s portfolio of assets, as well as the $3.5 million she made working with Bakkt.

Senator Loeffler rejects accusations of improper trading
The numbers brought to light by the New York Times revealed an additional $9 million in various financial assets, including stock options. ICE expected Loeffler to give up these assets when it left Bakkt, according to its original agreement. However, Loeffler was able to retain the funds because of ICE’s changes in the agreement.

The New York Times reported that Bakkt’s capital comprised approximately $7.8 million of the $9 million.

After several months of service on the team, in April Bakkt’s also CEO Mike Blandina left his post.